Biographies are a nice way of saying “I wanna brag about myself.” Which is ok, everyone should stick their…ahem…out for others to see. So, without further ado, here is the list of the things I did (or still do) and were noticed by others.

Mobilatorij (this was an edu-project gone bad. Now it`s just a marketing trick. Luckily I got off the boat the right time).

Resnična resničnost (this is a show on national television. It`s about computers and the “lifestyle” of it. Sort of nice. Not too high-tech. Computers for dummies really).

Informator (this is another blog I am writing. It`s basically a “what we did last week” thing for the organisation I work for).

Počasni začetki (this is where it all began. The blogging stuff I mean. I was bored, browsed the blogs and this girl was putting up her password and login for anyone to write in her blog cause she was tired of it or/and did not have time. So I answered the call. The rest is as they say…history).

Grosupeljski kolesarji (my second attempt at webpage building so…have mercy on me. I`ll improve, thinking of doing this over the winter when the bike season closes).

Kiberpipa (another organisation, similar to Ljudmila. Ljudmila was basically the mother or at least someone who helped them in the beginning. Now they are independent, free and proud. They basically deal with the same stuff that we do, only they do it…differently).

And there`s a lot of things I did but nobody really notice. Maybe even I did not notice them and I`ll think of them later. Or never. I guess we`ll wait and see.

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