City lights
Originally uploaded by Domen Savic.

This L is for lights.

I am in love with city lights. I don`t know why but they make me go “Ooooohh” in a really high voice that nobody likes and I usually get these weird looks from people passing by. Movies like “Heat” and “Collateral” impress me even more cause of the cinematography, the pictures, the movement of the camera. Same with CSI series, those opening shots of Las Vegas, the city of lights.

I love the way the whole city seems to pulsate, like the roads and streets are its veins and light is the blood that runs through them.

And I love the dusk and night, the way the whole city stands out even more and the night covers certain things and emphasises others, highlighting them. Focusing.

It`s like you can never take enough photos of the city in the night time. There is always something out there that you did not see, that you did not feel yet. And even when you did take every possible photo from every possible angle, a random light bulb goes out and the whole thing changes completely. Just when you think you had it figured it out, everything changes.

I know I suck taking photos and I think the exposition time is way too long and I should probably use a tripod but who has time to carry all that stuff around. Still looks ok…doesn`t it?

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