Dragon bridge
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Another L issue. The issue of language. People made all sorts of comments when I said I`ll start writing my blog in english. “Why english and not slovene?”, “Why bow to the globalisation and not stand up tall and defend your own colors?”, “Are you stupid?” and similar remarks did sprout up. Well, the only reason I write this blog in english is another L issue. It`s called LOVE. You figure it out…right Deb?;)

This is the Dragon bridge in Ljubljana, in the backdrop there is the castle of Ljubljana. I hate that post for the parking lot that stands in front of them, it`s too screaming. The white building you see in between the castle and the bridge is the marketplace. It spreads between the Preseren square and the Dragon bridge. I`ll make some more photos of it so you can imagine it better.

Back to this language thing. The Slovenes are always crying wolf over the use of our language and over the influences from other languages like english, german and serbo-croatian. They are however forgetting one single most important thing. Language is a tool of communication. And if a certain language is not performing well as that tool, it is replaced. The problem with Slovene is instead of our linguists should try and make it simpler, they are over-complicating it, adding new things and turning it into this theory language that has nothing to do with the real thing. “Recent events”, such as the superfast growth of computers and the development of the IT sector found Slovene language asleep at the wheel. And only later did our linguists realised that computer lingo is not something that will “go away”. So they had to do something and do something fast. And haste is always bad. And so slovene turns into this theoretical abomination that even the slovenes don`t get.

So, you got two reasons for me blogging in english. First of all cause the love of my life does not speak slovene and second, cause she is a loyal reader. Live with it;)

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