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This was taken as I was walking from doctor number one to doctor number two. Sucker for lights I guess and I like the lamps hovering above the road, almost forming another one above the cars.

I like walking. Always did. I remember when I was a kid and we used to walk our way back from the cinema, talking, laughing. Looking around, observing as the life was flashing by. I walk fast. People are always complaining I am running while to me it seems like normal walking. Guess it`s a cultural difference. Haha.

I just said goodbye to a canadian designer who came visit us, checking out the place. He was all excited about Slovenia, the people, the sights…
He talks a lot. Hehe. Always nice to meet new people, feeling their energy. Brushing up on my oral english which was slowly beginning to suck.

Now I`ll finish those bills from yesterday, hope the users will appreciate the fact that every single bill was hand written (ouch) and that they`ll pay. Damn this free will, we want money!

I have to set up this place for video streaming workshop we are doing at four and at five I have to go here to record a lecture. Busy, busy, busy.

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