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Went to the doctor this morning. This leg thing is bugging me. I feel this sharp pain in my right inner thigh for almost a month now and I finally decided it was time someone checks it out. Plus everybody was saying they are tired of me moaning like an old lady. First I went to see my “home” doctor and she told me to see a vein specialist, thinking it has something to do with thrombosis and stuff. Fun stuff, really. Then I had to go almost half way around the city to the policlinic where they pinged my leg with an ultrasound, checking out my veins. And I am happy to report that my veins are like the ones you see in an anatomic atlas. In other words, they found bupkis. And they think it`s not veins, it`s my backbone. Maybe you don`t know but I`ve been having back problems since my birth. My right foot is shorter than my left one and I sort of limp. We`ll see how it turns out.

This picture it`s mostly about toying with shadows. I don`t know why but the camera is having problems focusing from time to time. Will have to take that into the account.

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