Speed at night
Originally uploaded by Domen Savic.

This one is more of an experiment and it has no “real” value. I guess I was lucky.

I was walking home from work, like I always do, taking photos along the way, and all of the sudden I hear a siren. I always shiver when I hear it, thinking about the poor guy they are driving or thinking about the poor guy who is waiting for them to get him. And it`s always almost impossible to tell from which direction the car is gonna come, doppler effect and stuff. And even when you do see it, zig-zagging through traffic (those drivers must be nuts), it`s it often too close for you to react, pull out your camera, aim…

I guess I was lucky, cause I was already taking a photo of the crossroad when I heard it coming. I pressed the button when it was just coming into focus and for a second I thought I missed it, that I snapped too soon and there`s just gonna be an empty crossroad. And when I checked I realised that I was actually almost too late. The way it`s already on the extreme right side of the frame. I like the blue-red light contrast.
Will do better next time;)

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