Morning in Ljubljana 1
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Good morning fellow readers. Well, these photos prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there actually is a daytime in Ljubljana. I think we got it from “ze germans”. I took the long route to work today, cutting through the old city core and this is what it came out. The castle that you already know and the buildings below it on the riverbank. Kinda cool, since the leaves are already down and you can actually see the hill. Looks like France. But better. Way better.

Have to drop the bills in the mail today. Well, technically, first I hate to stuff them inside an envelope and lick them. Ew. Why does not somebody discover a glue that tastes good or does not taste at all? Maybe if it tasted too good, people would start eating it. Hm. We`ll go with “no taste at all” then. But there is also a problem…how will you know you`re licking the gluey part and not the papery part? Hm. I guess glue must taste jucky.

Anyway, we`ll see how many of these bills do their job. Lazy bums will probably throw them into the garbage and then blame the x-mas postcards. I mean…seriously…12k tollars a year is not exactly “high maintenance” internet connection. And still, some of the losers did not pay for two years in a row. This kind of attitude is beyond my comprehension. You order something…you use it…and then you don`t pay. I mean…personally I would feel guilty and bad about it. I guess they don`t. Well, we`ll see how it goes. Post office here I come.

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