Meal of the day
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It`s not what you think it is, you drug-totting maniacs!! It`s an ordinary cookie with chocolate chips and stuff.
My first meal of the day. I noticed that lately I`ve lost weight considerably (under considerably see 5kg in two months). I guess morning walks and no food help at losing weight (people in the back going: “No shit!”).
Workshop at four, I`ll probably take a walk, take some more photos. Maybe stroll down to the marketplace or something. Weather looks OK. And let`s hope the camera will recharge completely by then.

I`m having a lecture at seven. Culture of Email. Sigh. I don`t wanna go. Nobody is gonna show up anyway. Nobody does for this lecture. Why? Cause it`s crap. It`s boring. Nothing new in it. I liked “Webstyling” better. Have to talk to those guys and convince them that “Culture of Email” has to go. I feel bored already. Ten to one says that I`ll be home by 7:30.

Thinking of bringing a book to work. Although I think that would be pushing the envelope a little. Still, it would be nice to time-out a little, in between the licking and eating (hm…sounds wrong) and just enjoy the literature. Right now I am starting on “Life of Pi”. Interesting. It says it will restore my faith into God, so…beware. Might just start walking around, asking “Have you found Jesus??!”.

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