Morning in Ljubljana 2
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The riverbank of the river Ljubljanica. Notice the crappy color. Everytime some rain falls, you get color like that. And the fact that the sewerage from the whole city is being dumped into it helps too. But the show goes on.

I just started digitalizing the lecture from yesterday, I can post a link here and you can download it later. If you want to listen to it of course. Nothing interesting was said but you might appreciate some political dissing. I never did quite get these “open society debate” thingies. Basically, you get people sitting behind the desk, each singing their song and once they are done, they just shut up. That`s not a debate. That`s a commercial. And you should see how fast the people cleared the room after the “debate” it was over. It was like..whooosh! empty. Superman could not have done it faster. And you must appreciate the language. Future head of state in the IT department talking about “IT thingies” (I swear that`s what he said). When will they learn?

Stacking the envelopes, blogging in between. I hate the way your hands start stinking of paper after a while. Ever get that? How your skin dries? It sucks. Big time. But it`s a job. Someone has to do it.

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