Sending drugs to Holland…
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I just got back from the post office, I`ll have to get back one more time, cause I went there to buy some more forms. And I did not file everything yet so…more work.

Today is the 1st of december, “Battle against AIDS” day. You got this kind of ribbons all over town, people giving out condoms and stuff. Gonna take some more photos later on, during my lunch break.

I can honestly say I am battling against AIDS from my birth on. By not getting any. The best way. Never fails. Unless I learn to squirt my sperm through clothes. That would be a nice view. Think bullet-time.

Anyway, I sent a letter to Deborah, the snail mail style and I tried to be creative and charming so I dropped some tea in the envelope. And when the post office lady felt the texture of it and heard the rippling inside the envelope, she refused to accept it, claiming there are drugs inside. Ahem. Sure. I am sending drugs TO Holland. Whoa. You got me. The whole hollan coffee shop industry is powered by me! I am sending drugs to Holland by mail! Sneaky bastard!!!

Anyway, mail sent, let`s see how much time the lazy post office bastards will need to deliever it. My bet…two weeks. Tops.

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