Speed at night #2
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I was walking home, as expected, nobody showed up for the lecture. I guess “The culture of email” is all talk and no walk. And it`s funny cause people aren`t even aware of what it is. And I just hate it cause people don`t know how to write proper emails. They use HTML code in it, they don`t write a subject, they use capital letters and stuff… Bah. Not worth mentioning.

Anyway, I was walking home and there`s a railroad close to my house. And the crossing always closes down way before the train comes and opens again when the train is already in Maribor. Waaay too much waiting. People actually got killed cause the waiting period was too long and they got tired of waiting. I remember once in winter, I was driving home, it was foggy and I stopped in front of the tracks. There was a car in front of me and I guess he got tired of waiting and decided to jump track. And when he was in the middle the train suddenly appeared out of the mist and just…wiped the floor with that car. Poor guy did not even see it coming. It was like…whoosh! gone. Train weighs over 30 tons. Car weighs 4 tons max. You do the math. And take into the account that the train has a travel speed of 70km/h. I guess stupidity is painful sometime. Still feel sorry for the poor soul.

Update on my leg-back problem. I`m getting x-rayed on friday. My guess is they`ll find nothing out of the ordinary. I hope. I don`t wanna have any more complications with my back as it is. Maybe I should have it removed 😉

Bagged and tagged all the bills. Yey. Now let see how many of them get the job done. Last year the ratio was 1:3. In favour of “did not pay”. We`re hoping to improve that this year. And if not, we`re gonna do some serious deleting. No free lunch! 😉

I feel tired. Should probably take a shower but don`t feel like it. Good night.

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