The marketplace
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It`s a miracle I pulled this one off. Cause usually, you got tons of cars around, merchants, buyers, people trying to find a parking space…and the whole place is just stuffed with cars. But I guess we all get lucky sometime.

This is the famous Plecnik`s marketplace (yes, the guy was busy). Ljubljana’s vast, colorful market area (open daily except Sundays) spreads out across two open lots (Pogacarjev trg and Vodnikov trg), with a flower market in between them, running alongside the Cathedral and Seminary. There are bakery, dairy and meat stalls on the Seminary’s ground floor, and also on the upper level of the long water’s-edge colonnade (with fish and dried fruit on the lower level). This Plecnik-designed quasi-temple, which stretches all along the Ljubljanica between the Triple and Dragon Bridges, gracefully following the curve of the river, qualifies the marketplace as a genuine tourist sight.

There you go.

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