X-mas frenzy 3
Originally uploaded by Domen Savic.

There you go. A random shot of the city taken earlier this morning. Soon the whole city will look like this, with ribbons and stuff hanging down from street lamps. They`ll probably hire another failed artist this year and decorate the whole city with crap he got off a scarp yard and then claim it is actually art. It`s so sad really, how they always get it wrong, like they were trying really hard to fuck it all up. Whatever happen to simple things, small stuff that does not look like the cheapest convenient store in Moldavia?

And instead of city official would cultivate the people, maybe show them a thing or two about style, they just add their two cents to the whole mess, bringing it down a notch further. Gah.

Hm…my tummy`s rumbling, the battery`s not full yet and there`s still a fair amount of envelopes to be stacked. Better get to it. Bored of the rings. Sigh.

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