Ljubljana at night #3
Originally uploaded by Domen Savic.

OK, on my way back home from the lecture which ended ten minutes after it was said it`s going to finish (it was politics all over the place, none of the experts said had not even a minute of talk time at once, cause they were always interrupting him/her), I took photos of the city. It`s great, cause I “discovered” this handy built-in, ready-to-run, for-stupid-users option that sets the camera for close-ups, night shots and stuff like that. So these are definitely better than just…pressing the button.
I guess it`s not all in the wrist.

It was a good day, we actually manage to finish the bills (we? I was the only one who was doing that!), so all we (again! What`s with the we? You will do it and nobody else!!) have to do now is pack them with some nifty promo material and mail them. Hoping they pay. If everybody will pay what`s coming to them, we`re looking at a decent amount of money. Couple of millions. Notice the IF?

I have to return the camera on friday, so I`ll be doing some overtime on the photography tomorrow. I love it. I`m putting a camera in the range from 70 to 100 hundred tollars (400 euros tops) on my wish-list. Hope that coca-cola lush hears me. And if he won`t budge, let`s hope someone else will. I have an analog one, but it`s not the same. Takes too long and the photos are nothing compared to these.

The weather sucks. We have this “cold yet not winter with a pissy weather front” that just drives me nuts. People walking around with their umbrellas full of water and they don`t look out for others. So you`re standing under a roof, minding your own business when all of the sudden you get this stream of water running down your shirt. And you turn around and there`s a lady (always an old lady that you cannot punch in the face), shaking her umbrella like it was…well, you get my point. Moving on…

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