There you go. Added my blog to a couple of databases, added some new members to my blogroll and fixed that stupid timestamp problem. Turns out I was in America. Go figure.

I ripped that lecture and it still sucks, the quality of it. I think it has something to do with the mini disc – mix table transfer. I plugged the mini disc directly into the computer and it works, except it`s awfuly quiet. I`ll run it through some amplifier filters, hope I can get it to room level. This Adobe Audigy has way too many options. For a dumbass like me. Let`s just hope I can fix this and then publish it on the web. If you wanna know more, check this site. Hope you find something interesting. And if you don`t feel like browsing, here is the direct link to the archive. Download at will.

As for me, I`ll be going home. Hope Tilen sends me the photos I took today so I can upload them. Have fun and take care.

Oh, and that “computer joke” invitation still applies. Please help.

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