Comics saved my life. At least the sane part of it. Would you like to hear the tale? 😉

It was year 2000 and I was located in Tolmin, working for Ljudmila/Mobitel on the Mobilatorij project. Basically I was entertaining a couple of kids who were regular customers and all they wanted to do the whole day was play Unreal tournament. And since there was nothing else for me to do, I sat behind my machine and surfed through the entire archives of Sinfest and Garfield. Yes, it was a boring month. Boredom is death. Every single time.

So in time I got used to them. Starting to like them. For reference point go here for sinfest.
And I am seriously thinking of putting this photo of Percival (that`s the name of the cat on the photo) on a t-shirt or something. Would look cool. The feminists are gonna love it! 😉

A customer just called, said we wrote the wrong account number on the bill. Yikes. Let`s hope she`s a sole example. Don`t wanna do that all over again.

I returned the camera, seeing how I`ll be busy with going to the doctor and stuff tomorrow. So funny, I packed it in this morning, making a decision about not to take any more photos and just return the camera. And I ended up with taking 16 photos by the time I got to his workplace. Hehe. Will post them in the evening or tomorrow (in other words as soon as he emails them to me).

I am officially putting “A Camera” on top of my wish-list. Something to save money for. I have a goal! Yey. 😉

Weather is shit again. Rain. Pain. Suck.

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