Reise reise
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One of those that can mean a world or absolutely nothing. Was I drunk? Did my camera misfire? Was it intentional? What it is anyway??

This is actually scene one in the project I call “Pattern recognition”. Nothing special, just some interesting patterns that are all around us but we never really see them. Or maybe that`s just me and all others are so much more perceptive. I`ve been thinking about setting up a gallery for my photos. But on the other hand, too much would probably be an overkill and they`re not ALL that good. Have to start archiving them on my disk properly. Or something. I just don`t wanna end up like my father that takes way too many photos of cycling events and such and then keeps an archive of several 10 giga megabytes. I want it small and nice. Keeping it real.

Oh, and another thing. I need your help. Seriously. If you know any good computer jokes that do not include the punchline where a blonde woman discovers how stupid she is, please post the link under “comments”. They want me to write some more scripts for the RTVSLO and I can`t find any. I mean, can`t find any good ones. So if you have any links handy, I`d be very grateful. If not, I`m just gonna have to do MY job. Think funny.

Oh…I forgot to tell you but we won! Check this out…

28830 MADRID
Ref: 41/9606/CL
Batch: WC/ES/3314-2165



Congratulations first category prize winner! You have been selected as one of six winners of the Worldwide Continental Lotteries, Madrid-Spain, computer ballot draws, therefore will be a privileged receiver of the grand prize of €520,410.25 (FIVE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND, FOUR HUNDRED AND TEN EUROS, TWENTY FIVE CENTS ONLY).Your e-mail address was attached to the winning number 3 -7 -14 -21 -33 -46.
This lottery is promoted and sponsored by multinationals companies of the european union. We in the Worldwide Continental Lotteries, Spain is by this program, diversifying our computer balloting model lotteries draws, developed and designed to satisfy the cravings of the ever growing number of participants in our various lotteries programs. With funds accrued from previous draws and unclaimed prizes, payouts to all winners is guaranteed and your prize money will be remitted to your designated account in a record time. After randomly selecting 25,000 participants from an initial database of 4.500.000 emails and zonings, by their respective continents from across the World, we produced an extensive list from which you have emerged as one of the lucky winners of the Grand Draw prize. To process your winnings and prize payment, you are to get in contact with;
Mr. JORGE DIAZ (Prize claims handler)
Tel: +34 62 8091594

Please find all your relevant winning information below:
Draw Serial No:778-1040.
Winning No: 3 – 7 – 14 – 21 – 33 – 46.
You are advised to keep this lottery winning information to yourself,
untill you receive your prize money, this is in line with our security
policies, to avoid double claims and misapropriations of the Lottery
funds as it has happened in the past. Please direct all further communications and enquiries to your category Prize Claim Handler. Congratulations once again from Continental Lotteries. Thank you for being part of our promotional proram
NOTE: Please do not reply to this mail address, contact your claim handler.


International Promotions Manager,

Holy shit, huh? Two problems though. Their english sucks and this came onto our mailing list. So…erm…do we split the profits? How exactly does a mailing list win? (Please notice the sarcasm).

I hate spam. And I don`t mean this computer generated stuff, machines are dumb anyway, the thing I hate most is when people actually take the time to send you a powerpoint presentation or something in that deparment. I mean…jesus. If you don`t have anything better to say than sending .ppt files around, then just be quiet. And stop sending me kittens and wild life picture. I get that when I TAKE A WALK. Sigh.

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