Road ahead
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My last post for the day. I know I overloaded a bit, but I guess it was one of those days. I like writing. Sue me. Anyway, this path runs along the Krizanke. You got the faculty of architecture on the left across the road and on the right of this path you got The portal. This is part of my everyday`s route to work.

It was a good day in general. Actually did something although I`m gonna finish it tomorrow. Friday. Hm. I remembered! Lately I sort of forgot about it, had to be reminded by others or the newspaper. The change is definitely here to stay. As paradoxal as it sounds. Life is good.
Now if we just survive the x-raying thing and we`ll be flying high. You noticed how there`s always someone who has a gruesome story to tell when you mention you`re going to the doctor? “I knew a guy who knew a guy who bled to death at the dentist” or “yeah, and then the x-ray machine exploded!” or something similar. And these are people you usually listen to. So if we combine all those things together, I probably won`t make it. Take care of this blog. Feel loved. Take my cds. 😉 Good night.

Oh, I just remembered. Thank you, Tilen. For letting me use your camera, for sending me the photos I took today and for not bitching about it. I know I`m a pain;)

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