There you have it. I decided to reveal my drug collection and to make my presence known. I own drugs. Lots of them. And I do them every day. Sometimes even more than just once. Drugs, drugs, drugs…I`m worse than Jim Morrison. Whoo-hooo!

This was taken by my analog camera and I scanned the negative. It looks reasonably ok. For a junkie like me. Have to get some more vanilla tea at work. I always forget to take it with when I leave the house in the morning. I should probably hang it on a string next to the doors or above them so that I`ll notice it when I leave the house. Tea. Mmmmm. The perfect drug. Twinnings tea bags or raw tea from CŒajna Hisa(Tea House). Along with some toast. Mmmmm. As Stewie would say: “I am having an orgasm in my mouth.” Hihi.