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This is a part of the Krizanke. It`s covered with vines and in summer, it`s green and beautiful. Autumn and winter tend to “dirty it up” a little. Another thing made by Josef Plecnik. On the site of today’s Krizanke, the dukes of Spanheim erected the Church of St. Mary with a hospital and a school prior to 1282. In the 16th century, a monastery complex of the German Order of the Knights of the Cross was built on the same spot. The Gothic church was later, in the period of 1714-15, replaced by a new one, designed by a Venetian architect, Domenico Alberti, who envisioned the typical form of the dome, given its present form by Slovenian experts who took part in the making of the church. In 1952, the representatives of the city of Ljubljana asked Joze Plecnik, the architect, to remodel Krizanke into a site for Ljubljana Festival events. The monastery premises, nationalized after the World War II, were in a derelict state. The High School of Applied Art moved into some of the buildings; Plecnik designed a new extension for the school on the west side towards the Emonska Street, but the plan was never carried out.

There you go. Now it`s usually a site for drunken teenagers, warming themselves before the concert or just warming themselves for the sake of it. Still looks nice. Apart from the broken glass and the mess they usually leave behind. I guess history must bow to the future. Sometimes that`s good and sometimes it`s bad. I guess the bad comes with the good, the hunger with the food,the darkness with the light, the peace and quiet with the fight.

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