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Well, just before I head off to get my ass (ahem, my back) x-rayed I thought I get this off of my mind. What is it with these beauty contests? I mean, who does them and why? I know the money is good, especially if you get paid to act dumb and flash your…erm…attributes, but what bothers me is the hypocrisy of it. I mean, with all the charity effect and stuff. Don`t get me wrong, it`s great to help out (I of all people should know that) but when I help, I don`t pretend I am helping cause of the way I look. I mean, seriously, of the top of your head, does anybody remember the last three girls who won this contest? Or…does anybody remember the last three girls that won in your own country? Does anybody know where are these girls today and what are they doing? Anybody??

If you really wanna help someone, you don`t need the drama and a stage. You just need to go out there and…*gasp* …help. Shocking at it may seem. The drama and the glamour just show that your heart is not really in it. That you`re just doing it cause the people are watching. You are feeding your ego. Food4ego program. And that sickens me. You help cause you want the other person to feel better, not cause you are actually healing and pumping your own ego that is low. If you are the one who needs help, you should ask for it. Ask for help? Weird concept, isn`t it? Naah, I`ll just keep on feeding off the poor and the sick, torture them to make myself feel good. And suddenly “Let me bleed for you” turns into “I`ll let you bleed for me”. But I guess as long as the television will be the main thing keeping some families together, as long as people will play the voyeurs, watching “real TV” and complaining how boring everything looks (I`ll talk about that when I come back), as long as a commercial campaign by DOVE, featuring “real” women with a little more fat than usual for models on their thighs and buttocks will fill the newspapers for days…there will always be a place for some girl out of Preserje to walk on stage and explain that in case of her winning the crown, she will help every single woman on this planet to become aware of herself. Good luck, Ziva.

Tweaked my blog some more, mainly added it to a couple of databases. I hate that blinking .gif.

Got another mail from a customer. As soon as we send him the bill, he quits on us. Punk. People think just cause it`s NGO, it means we`re free. They should all burn in hell and die of some terrible veneral disease. Twice. And c`mon…is 12 thousand tollars a year really that much for a dial-up access, webspace and email account?

The photo is another case of pattern recognition. The stairs. Not as good as the rail, but still ok. Now I have to get going. Talk to you later. Feel loved.

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