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Ahhh. Another good saturday. You know it by the fact that you look at the time and you notice it`s already seven pm. Bad saturday is when you are bored and it`s only noon or something like that.

I survived the coffee meeting with my blog mistress. I told her the story I am going to share with he rest of the readers somewhere next week. She was my test audience and she passed the test with flying colors.

The city is filled with foreign people. While I was waiting for Ziva to come (I always arrive half an hour early to every appointment) I could hear almost every european language there is. Italian, german, british english, french…it was like the whole Europe is here on holidays. And you just sit there, listening to the melodies of the language. I love foreign languages. The energy of them. The speed of romanic languages, the harsh tones of germanic and the singing of slavic. Love it.

The photo is another example of “pattern recognition”. Granite tiles. I tried to find a part with no “dirt” but I guess the rain and leaves are everywhere now. I liked “the rails” better.

Blog tweaks feature some more blogs, I also added couple of my favourite sites. Nothing special I guess, this is just an addition since this blog is “my home”. And no Michael can do anything about it…nah, nah, nah! 😉

I also added some more blogs, these are the ones that update weekly. The last thing is adding some photoblogs, the problem is I have to scan them all and try to find something that I like. Gonna do this next week I guess.

The city is absolutely gorgeous by night. The lights are up and the whole city feels like magic. People walking around, the scent of roasted chestnuts. I saw “pictures” everywhere. I need a camera! I hope I`ll get one for christmas so I can “do” new year. Showing you the glory of lights that is Ljubljana. And cutting out the crap that hangs over our heads.

Listening to “The legend of 1900” soundtrack (Thank you, Tilen) and feeling good about myself. The way life should be lived.