Heart beating in a shell
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Sunday is upon us and I cannot wait for it to get dark so I can get out and take Ljubljana by storm. Ahem, I borrowed a camera and tonight I`ll try to take some of the night stills of the city, wrapped in lights. Sucker for lights, always.

Listening to Marilyn Manson, thinking about what to do. Lunch at noon is not a good idea. And on the other hand, it`s perfect cause then you do not have to worry about food later on. Feeding is a waste of time. And yet not feeding is a waste of life (energy).

I started thinking about christmas gifts and stuff. So hard to pick things for others. I should do what my grandmothers do, just give cash and say “Go buy yourself something nice!”. And it always works. I guess is all a consequence of the “pajama incident” which happened when I was little. It so happened that on that particular birthday, I got nothing but pajamas. Imagine my sufferings if you will, sitting on the floor in the living room, surrounded by fluffy cotton baby pajamas, crying my eyes out cause that`s all there was for me that year. I mean, don`t get me wrong, pajama is great, but three of them? At the same time? Every thing has its limits. And three pajamas/birthday is two over the top. Otherwise, if you`re looking for a gift to surprise me…please don`t. I don`t like to be suprised. “Oh look! It`s a…erm…it`s a…erm…hey..what is this?” and then the giver says “Well, it`s a [something totally and utterly useless]!” and then you bite down on your tongue, muttering “Gee, thanks. Always wanted that!”.
If you really do not know me and you want your gift to be appreciated, think books, cds or/and dvds. Those are always great. Just ask in advance which ones do I already have. But the universe of books, cds or/and dvds always hits the right spot. In general, I like gifts that work. That are useful. And no, things like teddy bears, pencil holders and other “junk” are not useful. Unless you want me to throw them at you the second you hand them over. I`m kidding, I`m not demanding, I`m just giving you my preferences.

This dusk/night is sure taking its time today. I hope it does not rain. Or…I hope it stops raining cause I just looked out the window and cursed. It`s a conspiracy, that`s what it is. “Let`s wait for him to borrow a camera and then pour rain down on him for three days non-stop!”.

I started corresponding with Deborah`s mother. We got the whole family online. It feels good.

Blog tweaking continues, I re-routed the http://cookie.neonatus.net to point to this blog. That was my previous homepage and since I stopped updating it and certain people have that URL on their pages, I thought it could not do any harm.

Some more tech-stuff. I opened this blog in IE and it looks like shit. I mean…it looks like…argh. Word of the wise: “Get yourself a Firefox!”. You have the link on the right side, just click and install. Surf like a pro, goddammit!

I should probably study, my one and only exam is at the end of january. It sucks. The subject I mean. And I read up on it so many times it just sickens me when I see the cover of the book. I can actually make out the sentences in my head even before my eyes are finished reading. And yet, I fail. Hate it. Gonna burn the book when I pass. Bonfire of happiness.

Nina suggested I should do “I am currently reading…” feature on my blog. Seeing how I am currently reading three books at once, I don`t think it`ll look good. Too crowded. Maybe I`ll just post the titles without the covers. Let me know what you think and I`ll reconsider it. Personally I am not excited. But, I can bend. A little.

Todays first photo features the look from my window at work. I`m curious about the fact that they keep a row of oranges on their shelf. It`s not like they are eating them, I guess they keep them just for the show. And it looks nice. The red-brown contrast. Keeping the building alive. Like a red, pulsating heart in a grey, cold corpse. Making all the difference. See you later. Feel loved.