Ljubljana overview
Originally uploaded by Domen Savic.

What a day! I took a walk to the city but instead of doing my usual route, I went over this hill with the castle on it. You get a beautiful overview of the whole city, with lights and everything. This “new” camera is slightly heavier than the one I used before and you have to get used to it. Let the record show that I took thirty pictures and only four made the cut. Getting used to it I guess.

The city was full of people as today the new arch bishop was sworn in and there were people gathering around the church in which the ceremony took place. I just hope the new one will take it easy. Not like the last one, Franc Rode, who took religion a little too seriously and instead of using it to bring people closer together, he used it to tear the people apart. Too much politics mixed in if you ask me. Not that my opinion counts, I am an atheist. But from this photo you can see that he was not very popular. Or…that he was VERY popular *wink*wink*.

I walked through the marketplace, tons of people buying, selling, keeping the place alive. And I think that for the first time in a long time I felt it. I felt people, felt their excitement and their anticipation. Magic.

And I was lucky too, cause the rain stopped just for me to get to the center, snap off a couple of pictures and then it started raining again slowly. Drying my jacket as I type this. Gonna get some tea.