Tromostovje at night
Originally uploaded by Domen Savic.

Same bridge as on the first photo I posted in my blog but this one is done with a little longer exposition and the city of Ljubljana turned on the lights. Corny photo, I know, but it`s a nice corny photo. And I made it. Bwahahahah. Ahem. Keeping it real. So the center was filled with people, the church in which the ceremony took place is just a little right from the bridge. Could not get a closer shot cause there was too much people and no room at all. And it`s nice cause it`s already december and there is no snow in sight. Rain is ok and I guess as soon as the temperatures drop a few degrees more we`ll get snow but for now, this weather is perfect. Cold, not windy and snow-less. Just the way I like my winters in the city. Snow just messes it up. You get that slushy watery snow, it`s wet and cold and you cannot walk around as much. At least not if you wanna keep your shoes dry and your pants clean.

All in all, it was a pretty good weekend, things happened and it was not boring. And tomorrow is monday, new week, fresh start… Have to edit those lectures, write a short intro for our website and upload it. No mails from users over the weekend, which either means they`re gonna pay or they just tossed the bills away. We`re hoping for the former option.

I actually flipped through my book, scanning the pages, maybe something will click in my head. I just don`t know anymore what and how to study. Guess I`m gonna switch to “mindless zombie” mode and just read over it thousand times.

No comment on the miss world selection… ok just one…what the f**k were they thinking by putting miss USA on third place? What, suddenly everybody is so scared of bush, they have to stick something from USA into everything? I mean…come on!! Fix those goddamn teeth!!! One word. Stable. And I do not mean a mental condition.

Listening to the latest Manic street preachers CD. It`s nice. Sipping my black vanilla tea, trying to calm my fingers down. Hate it when they tremble like this. It`s cold outside. My leg is acting up again, had to rest a little. Gonna do those exercises one more time before I go to bed. Enjoy the rest of the evening.