The Two Towers
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Right, I am slowly running out of photo-material, this one is probably one of the last of the mohicans that I still have on my computer. And christmas is sooo far away 😉 But have no fear, we`ll think of something.

I cannot believe I am still thinking of the previous weekend and at the same time looking forward to the next one to come. Damn, I am turning into a regular work-force. Somebody stop me! please!

I realised that eating in the morning does squat for the economy. It`s eleven o`clock and I am already hungry. A complete waste of food.

The “present plotting” is slowly coming together. A technical question for the competent ones. “If one wants to write something on a t-shirt and one wants the things that someone wrote to be visible for a long time, should one go with the iron-on paper and printer or should one just get an alcohol-based marker and duke it all out?” My guess is iron-on paper but then again, marker sounds good too. Anyway, please advise cause I need to get this thing done. And another thing, how much do these things get tossed around if you mark them “Careful! Do not toss around!”?

I just remembered I was a bad boy yesterday and did not do my back exercises. Bad squishy!

Oh oh oh!!!! They are back!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! These two are the bestest ever! (beside Deborah who is the bestestest of them allstestes!;)

And I am currently downloading this. Fun, fun, fun. Propaganda movie! Pot is bad for you! Hahahaha.

Speaking of movies, I think I need to do a “movie day” soon, cause stuff has began to pile up. Currently, there are four movies that I`ve been meaning to see for a very long time but just did not get around to it. Shiri, Das Experiment, Reefer madness and The Manchurian Candidate. All dressed up and nowhere to go I guess.