City on fire
Originally uploaded by Domen Savic.

It does look like that, doesn`t it?
Like some war photo, with the bombs falling and the buildings burning and stuff. Well, it`s only lights and smog I am afraid. The last war happened over ten years ago and it lasted for ten days. This is just Ljubljana by night. Just or fortunately.

I watched three movies. Sky captain and the world of tomorrow, Reefer madness and The Manchurian candidate. They were all worth it. Sky captain is a “indiana jones meets star wars meets superman” movie, where you have this “sky captain”, a super hero, saving the world with the “help” of a female journalist who would do (and actually does) everything for a story. The graphics are nice and the music is awesome. And it`s not too cliche. Which is always a plus.
The Manchurian candidate is a remake, but still manages to get the message through. Maybe a little too repeatitive but still a good one, only the end is a little vague. Reminded me of “A beautiful mind”. And Reefer madness is just… you have to see it. It`s one of those propaganda movies America made in the 30`s. And in it you hear stuff like “marihuana is worse than heroin and cocaine combined”. Fun stuff really. Shows you how paranoid people can get.

Right now…thinking of getting something to eat. Hungry. And we ran out of bread. No fun eating just tuna cream. Although, speaking of “weird” cooking…I have a few stories to tell. Maybe later. They are however, legendary.

Two comics references for today…sinfest and user friendly. You gotta love them.