What the hell is this?
Originally uploaded by Domen Savic.

I woke up today and up until now I thought it was tuesday. I mean…how mental can you be? On one hand I cannot wait for the weekend to start and on the other I am pushing it backwards…hah!

Anyway, I feel better, sleep does help (plus the fact that I went to bed at 21:30, an abomination of a sleep hour for me). Nobody`s here yet, talked to Deborah just before she went to work (she`s a swimming teacher…and it`s not all swimming and splashing around).

Before I went home yesterday I went for a drink with Martin. He got a new camera and he wanted to do some night shots. So, these four photos I am posting today are done by him. But! I was there too so…in a way..they are mine (some logic, huh? Well, I figured that if the cops bust you for standing too close to the person who smokes a joint…).

This photo…well…erm…nobody has a clue what is it. And we were both there. And still we don`t know. We think it has something to do with the lights. Haha.

Plans for today…taking it easy. I bought some vanilla tea yesterday and I think we`ll go vanilla style. Nice and smooth.