I feel so small
Originally uploaded by Domen Savic.

It`s breath-taking. Literally. You walk up to this “thing”, you look up and you find yourself gasping for air. This is the “Ljubljanski kabel” (one of the cable TV operators in Ljubljana) skyscraper.

We had a problem with our server today, it froze completely so we had to reboot it. OK, I had to reboot it and now it seems to be working ok. That is also the reason I am blogging at such a late hour for my first post of the day.

The day moves a little faster today, we had a visitor and some guy called about his website, upset as hell. I really don`t know why do people waste their energy like that?

Thinking of getting some food. My tummy`s rumbling. Why is it that I always complain about being hungry. I sound like Kunta-Kinte.