Stars in the sky(scraper)
Originally uploaded by Domen Savic.

Something funny this way comes.

You remember how I asked for help writting those TV-show clips? Well, maybe you don`t cause only Michael tried and actually did help out but anyway…

The funny part about it is the fact that I got the exact same mail from twelve people that have nothing in common (other that they all know me). I find that creepy. From all the vast spaces of the internet, they all focused on this one (dumb, I might add) mail. Is slovenia really that small? That one mails comes around so fast? Where was the source?

I am thinking of conducting a “social network” experiment. I will send a mail to a friend, telling him to mail it to everybody in his address book. And to tell the people that will send the mail too, to mail it to everybody they have in their address books…and so on and so forth. And we shall see once and for all, who knows who. And who is the point of origin for those ghastly emails. And then, we are going to kill that person and the world will be a better place. Haha. Imagine no more spam. Sigh. No more stupid .ppt mails, no more “Mail this to everybody you know or something bad is going to happen to you” (I take special pleasure at deleting THOSE)…

The photo is one of the Telekom tower. Telekom is the national communication provider. A pig of a company. Big one. With hairs. The light on the left is annoying but we are in the city. And those things are everywhere. And then you get that yellowish color.

Workshop is starting slowly and I think I`ll get some food into my kunta kinte belly in between. Have to weight myself, see how much I dropped.

I`m getting my paycheck soon, from the RTV. They fucked up something and now it`s high time they fix it. Hoping it will happen before the holidays. Bastards.