Sky is the limit
Originally uploaded by Domen Savic.

Good morning and welcome to another episode of “What day is today?!!!”. But, unlike every episode this far, today we witness a revolution, as Domen remembers it`s…..(wait for it)…(not yet)….(now! open fire! All weapons!!) FRIDAYYYYYY! (sounds of blaring cannons and screams in the background).


Sorry, been listening to “Sky captain and the world of tomorrow” soundtrack and I feel pumped.

Sorted out the “money problem” with the RTV, should get it today or on monday the latest. Yey.

And it`s official…I lost it completely. I am downloading this.

*a moment of silence*

Another skyscraper photo, this one is right next to this one. Resident building. I think we`ll cease and desist publishing skyscraper photos (what`s with the we, man?).

Now let`s see what the day will bring. Onwards! To glory!