Where are you from?
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There you go. A little stats analysis. Shows me where you come from, what do you use, what do you like most. Not surprisingly, Slovenia is where most of my readers comes from. United states are second, but I think that`s mostly bots, pinging my site and stuff. Netherlands are third [I wonder who reads it;)], Austria fourth (Hi, Novala) and Canada fifth. Although I think those are again bots. All in all, a pretty decent crowd. Most people found my blog through my blogging mistress, some of them through globe of blogs, but my favourite one is a Belgium, who found this blog by goggle search that consisted out of the words “damir, sanjski moski”. Rock on! And out of 94 visitors, 25 came back for more. Whoo-hoo.
Please, keep on doing it;)

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