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The eternal issue this time of year. Presents. I ranted about this before (in this and this post) but I think I`ll go back, one last time. With a vengeance! Ahum.

Maybe this is all a covert scheme to lure out of my readers the things I want for myself. Hm, hm…pretty clever, huh:)?

I guess I always went for functionally. Things you can use. Things that don`t end up on a shelf or in a closet, gathering dust. And I usually give the same things. Not one of those who go into a sex shop, buying a poor guy a dildo and then laugh their ass off seeing his face.

—beginning of the rant

And another thing about gifts…did anyone notice that the amount of crap in the stores is getting higher every year? Well, I did. Just flip through catalogues…it`s all crap. Plastic toys, no creativity, bunch of plastic and that`s it. Same goes for books and music. 98% of it is shit. And those 98% include the Harry Potter novels and music by Britney Spears and Bepop. Did anyone who claims that “Harry Potter is da shit!” actually read those books? Or let me ask you this…did you read anything else beside Harry Potter? Because if you did, you surely notice how J.K Rowliing (another thing…what`s with the hyphens…pick a fucking name. Just cause Tolkien used it, does not mean it looks good on you!) shamelessly copied stuff out of every kiddy book imaginable. Lord of the rings, Discworld, Witches…she stole from everywhere. There is not an ounce of creativity in Harry Potter`s book. And people orgasm over them like she rewrote the Bible and the Koran. Say NO! to Harry Potter.

Why do you think the government is cutting back on “arts” and “music” classes in school? That`s exactly why, my friends. Cause anyone who heard the Beethoven 9th symphony or saw the painting of Mona Lisa will most certainly spend his money somewhere else than in a convenient store, buying plastic crap made in Taiwan. Next thing you know, they`ll be cutting in on literature and reading and then…welcome Fahrenheit 415 (no, it has nothing to do with Michael Moore).

—ranting ends

I finished watching “Shiri”. Damn good movie. Always makes me shed a tear. Maybe I get into the movie stories a little too deep for my own good. I identify too much with the cast. But anyway, Shiri is another proof that action movies with a story do not have to come from Hollywood to be good. Next stop…”Angel heart”. I like it. Always nice to see a film noir. Maybe I should go take a walk, it`s a beautiful day and the sun will go down in like an hour or so, but I don`t feel like it. Too much work getting dressed and all. Think I`ll watch a movie. Take care.