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when things happen. In my dictionary THOSE days actually mean good ones since everything else is usually shit. And today was definitely not one of the usual days since good things happened.

First, I was reading this post and I felt the calling.You know…the
calling? Not that boy band but this…inner thingy. Anyway, I wrote a couple of lines and emailed them to her and she loved it.I mean it…here…a direct quote from her email ” ace! i may even blog it if you let me! more! zoe”

So I guess the mrwica story is repeating, only this time we`re going global :D! We`re gonna take Belgium by storm (what with the WE, man???)!!!

Second thing is that I finally got some money from the television gig I am doing (and spend a part of it to buy presents and bills) so getting money is always good news. Which reminded me that I have to finish the material for season 05/06 till the end of the week. Gah. Good comes with the bad I guess.

And third…I got letter number 2. Whoo-hoo. I love her. Every single thing about her. Sigh. She brings out the colors in the world.

I also bought some presents for christmas, suprisingly all in one swoop which is a good thing beyond reason. The last thing I wanna do is buy gifts during rush hour, when everybody is hyped and nervous and everything good is already sold or gone. Anyway, we got over that pesky thing and with minimum casualties. High seas!

The only issue that remains unresolved are the xmas cards. Gonna pick them up tomorrow, a pack of Unicef and some christmas stamps and that`ll be it.

A good day, all-in-all, one you end up with hearing victory music in your ear. Love it.