Hello hello…I`m in a place called Vertigo….ahum…erm..sorry…right…sorry for my absence yesterday, but I had a good reason. Breakfast was scarce. You know what they say, breakfast like king, lunch like a common and dinner like a beggar. While in my case, I do no breakfast at all, something for lunch and no dinner. I`m just not hungry:P and before you accuse me of being an anorexic teenaged girl, screaming when Justin (you know who I mean), grabs his…erm…pants, I had my Eggs della barf this morning. Why do I call them that? Well, once done, they look like they just came out of the hole that is usually designated for input. Here`s how you do it.

Eggs della barf (TM)

2 eggs (more if you`re hungry)
cheese (go with semi-soft or soft kind)
full-wheat bread

First of all, heat the pan and dump some oil in it. Slice the cheese and let it “burn” in the oil for a while, slowly losing its elasticity. Break two eggs and mix the yolk and the whites and dump it in a pan as well. Stir it a little so the stuff won`t stick to the pan and let the eggs mix with the cheese. Dump everything on a plate, spread some catchup on top, a pinch of salt and you`re done. Serve with full-wheat bread and vanilla tea. And if the whole thing looks like someone barfed it out, you got it right! 😀

Next thing…meet Fredy. No, I still know how to spell names but he really is named Fredy. Single D. Who is he? Well, he`s this guy, singer, who`s been singing for the last fifteen years, but was made famous by this song/video. Don`t worry if you don`t understand the lyrics, just the video itself is enough. Eat this, MTV! And ever since his video was published on the web, everybody loves him. Sigh. Enters “common sense“, sees the situation and stabbes itself with a knife.

And since “common sense” stabbed itself and is bleeding on the floor, you might as well see this. At first I thought that the voice will be from the Shrek movie, but I guess you cannot have them all.

The sites are up and running again, most of them anyway, so here you can download the lecture I`ve been promising you. It`s pretty good actually…the quality and the subject.

Other than that…rock on!