We all live in our own worlds. We all see things our own way, we all feel in unique way…Most of the time the culture and society sets borders for us, telling us what we can and what we cannot do, what is and what is not socially acceptable. It`s basically the same thing as with Shattered Glass, the power of the majority against the ways of minority.

I was always intrigued by serial and mass murderers, by people and the reactions they provoked out of others. It was always interesting seeing how the media stereotyped them, how nobody really listened to them and how everything THEY said was marked as stupid, irrational and crazy from the start. As soon as you kill a person, the whole theory flies out the window. By killing others, you are really killing yourself. That is the main message our society is trying to pass out. It strikes me as confusing, since people kill other people primarily cause they want to live. Cause they want to survive.

Monster is a biographical story of Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute who killed seven of her clients. The movies shows her as a woman, madly in love with her partner, doing everything from prostitution to murder cause of love. That`s a mistake. No one knows why people do the things they do. No one. It pissed me off when people are trying to “rationalize” the actions, making them appear “meaningful”. The reason will be the death of us all. And what`s even funnier is that on one hand they are trying to rationalize the actions of a person, and on the other they ignore the things that same person is telling them. They see them (by them I mean the serial and mass murderers) as something out of this world, as something alien and strange, while in fact, they are also a part of our society. They belong to us. And we to them.

Don`t get me wrong, the movie is good. Intense. They could not have pick a better duo than Theron/Ricci. They both blend in so good that sometimes I forgot I was watching a movie. Thought it was a documentary.

The “problem” with serial and mass killers is that they violate the most sacred norm of our society. Thou shall not kill. It says so in the Bible and then by god (quite literally in this case) it must be so. The hypocrisy of it is that killers get killed. So, as soon as you violate a norm, the gloves are off. It`s all “yippikae motherfucker” after that. Which scares me ever more.

Friedrich Nietzsche said that “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

We have justice on our side…what do they have?

Imagine serial and mass murderes being the majority of the world. Addmitingly, the world would not last for a long time, but still…let`s entertain that thought for a while. Imagine the consequences of being sent to jail cause you DID NOT want to kill a person. And that would also be called justice. That would also be called truth. The law.

So how do we treat these people? How do we punish them? Cause, they “have to” be punished. No “good” deed goes unpunished, right? And when did “eye for and eye” become a rule of this “democratic, open and understanding” society? I guess I am speaking in favour of murder here. Maybe I am, because I hate things being as absolute as they are now. You kill, you die. The rest are technical details. Gass or poison? Please, wait your turn.

The law is what keeps the democracy afloat. We submit a part of our rights in return to be safe. The majority writes the laws which makes sense. Sense to the majority. With also makes sense…why would they be spitting into their own bowl of soup, right? Some kill with knifes and guns, others with pen and pencil. Who`s stronger?

I feel sorry for Aileen. I also feel sorry for the people she killed. None of this should happen. World should be a nice place to live in. The “truth” is different. And “reason” will be the death of us all.

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