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Hey hey! Merry christmas to all of you who missed my last post! I just got back from visiting my relatives, a perfect opportunity to show off my new toy. Yes! We are now a photo-independent entity. I already wasted a battery pack today, gonna post some of the most interesting ones in here, others can be mailed on request. I am actually thinking of creating a website just with my photos and linking it with this blog. Sky is the limit (actually, the limit right now is 512 MB, but I think we can call it sky for now)!

It was a classic christmas day, lots of food, people round the table, talking laughing. It went pretty well, considering. The weather was crappy (as mentioned) so we mostly stayed indoors, eating…stuff. Mostly sugar and spice and everything nice. The thing I recommend most is Bakala. And please, don`t let the site deceive you, I am still an atheist. According to my grandmother, bakala was usually the food for the poor who could not afford the “good” stuff, but now it has turned into a delicacy. And please, don`t buy that stuff that they sell in the big supermarkets and looks as white as snow. Get it from someone who knows what he`s doing. Get the right stuff! 😉

What else? Well, I`m stuffed, gonna keep away from food for a couple of days, eating mostly light stuff. Yoghurt and toast. Keeping it real.