Christmas day
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My last post for the day, this is the city of Koper. More like a town, according to the internation standards, but since it is our greatest harbour and shipyard and the whole shebang let`s call it a city. It`s even smaller than Ljubljana (obviously) but it has those cute little passages and streets, with cobblestones and stuff. Really nice.

Anyway, I love the way the road stretches our along the coast so you can feel the sea and scent it (plus the nasty smell from the sewerage that is being pumped into the gulf). I wanna live on the seaside when I grow up. With the house facing the sea, feeling and seeing it. Seeing the seagulls and ducks and stuff…flying over it. Hearing their screams.

The city was empty today, people mostly staying indoors. Felt little weird, walking all alone, no other people around. It`s never a booming place, but today was extra quiet.

Plans for tomorrow…probably sleep in and then see how my stomach will feel. After all this food day…I think I`ll go for a walk or something. A long one. And I`ll take lots and lots of photos. YEY.

Good night. Sleep and dream safe.