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Made this one in front of the house. Does anybody else find the fact that we are almost in january and there is no snow in sight? Damn it people, I want whites!

Anyway, on our way back I heard the most fucked up xmas story ever. OK, get this…

“There was a boy named christopher who lived in the darkest part of the forest with his mom and his brothers and sisters. They were poor and wore animal skins instead of clothes. The other kids teased him and think he was a weirdo. And on the other side of the village there lived a monk who took care of the church. And, since it was christmas eve, he was busy decorating the church and everything. And since he was very old he did not have the strenghts to ring the church bell cause the rope was frozen and the bell heavy. So Christopher came and rung the bell for him. And as he pulled the rope once, the earth began to bloom, flowers growing everywhere. At the second pull, the snow and ice melted away, birds began to sing and squirrels began to dance. And at the third pull spring came into town. And everbody were amazed and they changed the way how they thought of Christopher. and the next morning…everything went back to normal.”

You know what I think?

Drugs. Lots of drugs.

I mean, c`mon, it`s so obvious. Flowers, birds…snow disappearing…he must be packing some heavy-duty crack. Since he was poor and all. If he was a rich kid, the drug would be LSD. I just cannot believe they as passing this shit as a christmas tale on the radio. Jesus. And to think that somebody actually had to write that first so that the anchor guy could read it…gah. And then they wonder where do kids get their values from?