Before the battle
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I guess they happen too. The boring ones I mean. And the possibility of them happening increases as the holidays move closer. New year and stuff.

I am slightly bored. No one around and stuff. Mostly writing emails and reading the newspapers. Took my camera to work and already ran out of battery. Forgot the spare one at home so this photo is “still” from yesterday. And I`ll download the ones I made today when my camera gets some juice. Which reminds me… a joke about juice and stuff. And please, don`t take it the wrong way.

And another reminder…this joke is only funny if you say it out loud.

Three Jews are pushing a rusty german tank across the desert. One of them drops dead from exhaustion. The other two look at each other and one goes “With the money we`ll get from this thing, we`ll build him a monument!” and they push the thing forward. After a while, another one drops dead and the last man standing says “I`ll build both a monument with the money I`ll get from this thing!” and pushes the tank forward. And in a while, the last jew drops dead. Suddenly, there is some noise, the hatch opens, a german peeks out, sees the dead Jews and goes “Hans! We ran out of juice!”.

The joke ends here. Don`t blame me, I did not invent it. And if you wanna know my opinion, I am all for Arabs.

Now, moving on.

Since I do not have the capacityof the pissed kitty plus, nobody wants to see mine (sad face), I`ll just babble on some more.

However, I won`t talk about the earthquake and the horrible stuff that`s been happening for the last few days in Asia and I also won`t rant about this shitty weather we have here. This rain should fall in november, not in the middle of the (sort of) winter. I also won`t rant about the fact that on my way to work (yes, I still walk despite the rain and stuff), assholes that call themselves drivers drove by so close that my pants got wet. Hate that. They should be shot on sight. My rants will also not include the battery shortage (as mentioned above).

Instead, today`s first rant will be dedicated to…*drum roll*…nobody.


Erm yes…I just wanna tell you about the book I finished this morning. “The life of Pi”. I picked it out at random, mostly cause I heared people talking about it, the book also won a prize and I was just browsing the shelves when I saw it. A short recap – a ship sinks in the middle of the ocean, going from India to America. On board, there is this indian boy, a son of a zoo owner, who is the only survivor. He is thrown into a lifeboat and pushed into the ocean by the crew, along with some animals. A zebra, a hiyena and a bengal tiger. And so the story begins…

It`s a true story, a fact that I had to be reminded of constantly, since the things are truly amazing. What I liked about it the most is how the writes manages to get so much details and so much “action” in a such a small place like a life-boat. Truly, a good book.

And while I was writing this…I got an idea for a rant…gonna run a special post…just for her.