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Yes, I also do black and whites. Photos that is. This one was originally in colours but I like it better this way. The way the light bounces off the spoon. B/W rocks!

Changed the battery when I got home, luckily I got two of them so I can switch.(this paragraph has no meaning at all).

The news are full of earthquake reports. New York Times says the number of dead exceeds 19,000. I guess the media got a well again. You know…now they`ll drag this story on for ages. Wanna bet for how long? “We`ll always have the earthquake.” Sigh. I hate television. Agenda setting will be the death of us.

In other news…I am tweaking my blog once again. This time it`s cleaning my blogroll. some of the blogs got wiped out, some of them are boring and/or they don`t update at all. Adding four new members, all in the non-slovenian category since the slovenian blog scene is a little slow, if you know what I mean. Or maybe I got way too much time on my hands. Hm…*me ponders* naah. It`s them!

No new xmas cards arrived, which is slightly weird. Unless all of them are planning a sneak attack, it seems that this year, I`ll only get two. Sigh. Fine. Who needs them anyway?! This is just the thing that shows you who really thinks of you. And maybe it`s time we clean out the phonebook once again. I`ll start making notches next to the names of the people in it. If they don`t call at least once a month, they`re out! And I`m not talking about long, meaningful talks about life, universe and all that bollocks…a simple hi, how ya doing? would be fine. As long as there`s no request in it. You have to call me twice then. I hate couple of my “friends” who call just when they need something. Sure, you always call someone with a purpose, but it does not always have to be “Hey, I need…”. Fuck `em.

And the rest of you…enjoy the evening.