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It was broken when I got there! Honestly! I swear!!! 😉

For now, I am limiting myself to taking picture of the actual state. I don`t go and “create a scene”. Yet. This window is actually a double one and the inner one broke the outter one. Draft can be a bitch. It`s still holding together (as you can see) but the crack makes a lovely photo opportunity. This day is about details I guess.

It`s been raining all day, on and off but still the general idea was the same. And Holland has snow! /me pouts. Why can`t we have snow?

I am actually not a big fan of the snow in the city. In fact, it sucks royal. Cause it turns to goo in a second and then you have that…liquid shit that almost look like vietnamese mud. It gets everywhere and destroys everything.

My last work thing for this year is the meeting with the television guys…on the 30th. Nice. Should be fun. Actors called and complained that they heard that they were being replaced. Nobody told me anything. They told me they heard it from the make-up lady. I guess she does a little more than just make-up. Oh, oh! A joke! Get it? Make-up? God, I`m good!

The “photo requests” are going along nicely. I just have to find a stray dog for the first and some faces for the second. I don`t think the morning and evening skies will be much of a photo, since we get fog in the morning and the sun drops behind the horizon so quickly in the evening that there is not much time to do a proper “sundown” photo. That`s winter for you.

I also finished Hannah Arendt`s “The origins of totalitarism”. Good stuff. Very detailed. Still, she is to be approached with caution. She was part of the Nazi machinery and then switched sides. Still, she makes a good case describing the birth of ideologies and stuff that makes them “go”. And now…onwards! To Kissinger`s Diplomacy!

I noticed that I am running low on “nice” books. Still have to finish the third part of the “Night`s dawn” trilogy, a pig of a book (over 1000 pages) but other than that, I have two more Chomskys and “Paradise Lost” from Milton. Which is…a semi “nice book”. Poetry can be a bitch. I often said that poetry was meant to be written, not read. Reading just…corrupts the original idea. It was always funny for me watching others interpret my poems. Seeing things I never saw myself. Or seeing the wrong ones. But as an outlet…poetry works like magic. Prose comes close second. IM(h)O.

Sleep tight.

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