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The good thing about rain are the drops that hang from everything. Of course, it feels afwul when they drop from everything and fall behind your back, just nearly hitting the space between your clothes and your skin and then you get that annoying feeling of something small and wet slowly oozing down your back…gah.

Anyway, today was all about details, something about the rain drops hanging off of everything that caught my eye. Not just the raindrops of course but I`ll save the best for last.

Today`s first rant will be dedicated to radio anchormen. I don`t know why is that, but recently, I`ve noticed that they don`t know how to speak Slovene. It`s terrible. They mispronounce words, they ask stupid questions (so, what else is new?) and their voices suck. Not everybody can be an achor person. And the trick is, you have to pass a special exam (oral and written part) to get a job in the first place. And yet, they still produce whoopers the size of Texas. One of the most stupid questions they ask every fucking single time is after some guy wins a medal and they go at him with “How do you feel?”. The stupidity of this question can only be measured by the question “Does it hurt?” which they ask after someone was in an accident. For fucks sake…if you don`t have anything better to ask…be quiet! Go pet little furry animals! Just don`t…be stupid.

Another thing that bothers me with radio anchor persons and I ranted about it before is that they don`t know how to free talk. You know, when they have to come up with something all on their own. And then they come up with the craziest, stupidest shit ever. It`s like their brain is not really there. Like they`ve got a half-dead hamster in there, rotting away, emmiting weird sounds as he is slowly dying. We ought to start a campaign…no more BS on the radio waves! Who`s with me?!!!