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Hey! ­čśë

Yes, I know I should blog more yesterday (really?) but we had “a party” at work and I came home late with just enough energy to report on a photo request mission done.

I had a meeting with the television guys today, we`re doing a show right after new year. And I`ll do a piece about blogging. Which is tougher than it sounds.

Why blogging? Well, the word “blog” was the word of the year and everybody does it these days. The toughest thing for me to do will be to find a blogger and get a one minute statement from him/her (Since I cannot interview myself…hehe). I already called some people and I guess we`ll just wait and see what happens.

The day is absolutely fantasic. The sky is burning blue (you`ll see what I mean when I upload the photos from today) and the cold is reasonable. In fact, it`s warm. I just hope it does not rain on the NYE.

Right now I am at work, cleaning after the party from yesterday (in fact, right now I am writing this and I am waiting for the chairs to start moving themselves. Too bad they don`t have an UNDO option). And afterwards I think I`ll walk to the castle and take some aerial photos of Ljubljana. I know it`s corny, but the weather is just too good to miss.

Since the christmas/NYE spam time is over, I am officially changing the poll. I guess you`re not one of those people who flood the post office every year. Neither am I. And on the record, up until now I got two (2) xmas cards and two (5) e-cards. Ah well…the big thing is yet to come.

Anyway, duty calls. Have to play the cleaning lady. Have fun. Carpe diem!