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I think I will start writing my closing speech for this year. I always do that, either write a poem or write a short piece, sort of recaping the year that is about to drop dead.

This year was as close to amazing as they get. It was the year of movement, of growth and changes. I know that two years are not alike but still, the difference between this year and the rest was the biggest of them all.

I will now try to recap the year by months and hope I don`t mix things up. Here we go…

It was raining on the first. Shitty weather. Nothing compared to this one. The five of us were having a party at A.`s home and it was reasonably OK. The whole month sucked though. The whole year sucked for that matter. The faculty thing did not go so well, I sort of knew in january that I`m not going to make it this year and I was depressed. Never felt like that in my whole life…

Shit continued, I walked around like a ghost, nobody knew who to help me which made me feel even worse. Spent most of my time online or worrying about how the hell am I going to make the grade.

By March I knew for a fact that I can kiss this year`s studies goodbye, that I should save the most of it and just go down with as many “casualties” possible.
I got involved with a girl who was no good (see the skiing instructor story) and everything just piled on top of other things.

Sometime in May I meet Deborah. And I know it will sound corny and stuff but from then on, things started to change. Or, let me just say…I started seeing things in another light.

The faculty thing blew up in my face. Nothing new there. I actually saved most of it, only one single thing remained. Still does. But I hope I`ll “kill” it at the end of January. Kill it before it kills me.

June and the rest till October
Don`t really remember all that well what was happening in those months. The thing I remember most is being with Deborah. She was and still is one of the most important factors of this year.

Birthday was fun. Job was and still is fun. I changed. In a way. I made my first post on the blog ever, Blog meet happened. Skies were clearing up.

Two things happened in November. Three actually but one will remain a secret and only the three of us will know about it. Other two were I made my own blog (this one) and I discovered an interest in photography. A promise of good things to come.

This is where we are now. “You are here”. Behind you, the past. Before you, the future. I learned a lot, met a bunch of interesting people, people who changed my life completely. This year was the year of change. Of growth. Of surprises. Of life.

2004 – the year of life.

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