Morning in Ljubljana 2

01.12.2004  •  Osebno0

Morning in Ljubljana 2 Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. The riverbank of the river Ljubljanica. Notice the crappy color. Everytime some rain falls, you get color like that. And the fact that the sewerage from the whole city is being dumped into it helps too. But the show goes on. I just started digitalizing the

Morning in Ljubljana 1 Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. Good morning fellow readers. Well, these photos prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there actually is a daytime in Ljubljana. I think we got it from “ze germans”. I took the long route to work today, cutting through the old city core and this

Ljubljana at night #2Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. I went to grab a bite before I went to listen to the lecture and it was this hip place (yeah right), which has Radio Salomon tuned in 24/7. For those of you who are currently not in Slovenia, you can check out the website and listen

Ljubljana at night #3 Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. OK, on my way back home from the lecture which ended ten minutes after it was said it`s going to finish (it was politics all over the place, none of the experts said had not even a minute of talk time at once, cause they were

Cause this lecture is boring beyond belief, bunch of politicians and theoretics babbling about stuff they think they get and dissing each other at the same time (politics is a bitch), I logged on and turned the comments on this blog on. So you can now post even if you are not a member. Please,