Photo requests

28.12.2004  •  Osebno4

Following her example, I decided to do the same thing. Since I have a camera and way too much time and I wanna do something… So…go for it. Three requests per person. Be creative.

Here. This is what the world has been looking for in the year 2004 through Google. First thought…scary.Second thought…where are teen lesbians?Third…scroll down…news outlets. CNN???? CNN is NOT a news outlet. Fox news? Ya, right.Fourth… going to war beats showing your nipple. And this is some of the queries which helped the people find my

Tea Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. Yes, I also do black and whites. Photos that is. This one was originally in colours but I like it better this way. The way the light bounces off the spoon. B/W rocks! Changed the battery when I got home, luckily I got two of them so I can

Blogs are the way we see the world. They are personal, tiny universes, which enable us to share our views with others. They represent another step closer to the ideal of the participative democracy, since anybody can make it, anybody can read it and anybody can comment on it. However, the democracy has a down-side

Before the battle Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. I guess they happen too. The boring ones I mean. And the possibility of them happening increases as the holidays move closer. New year and stuff. I am slightly bored. No one around and stuff. Mostly writing emails and reading the newspapers. Took my camera to work

Moment in time

26.12.2004  •  Osebno0

Moment in time Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. This is one of those “speed in the night” type of photos only this time it`s pool. It`s pure luck, you just have to squeeze the trigger and hope for the best. Unless you know something I don`t (probably true since I am not the brightest peeble

A letter box Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. Sigh. I knew this is going to happen. Just when I get my own camera and I am all hyped about it, it starts to rain. It was fine three days ago but now, check this out. I already cleaned the bathroom, the stairs and the cabinet,

Pier and the sea Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. Well, they all have it, so why should we be any different? Here is an excerpt from the Lonely Planet… “In the spring of 1990, Slovenia became the first Yugoslav republic to hold free elections and slough off 45 years of socialist rule; the following December

Christmas day

25.12.2004  •  Osebno0

Christmas day Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. My last post for the day, this is the city of Koper. More like a town, according to the internation standards, but since it is our greatest harbour and shipyard and the whole shebang let`s call it a city. It`s even smaller than Ljubljana (obviously) but it has

Green Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. Made this one in front of the house. Does anybody else find the fact that we are almost in january and there is no snow in sight? Damn it people, I want whites! Anyway, on our way back I heard the most fucked up xmas story ever. OK, get