A man with a camera

25.12.2004  •  Osebno0

Reflections Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. Hey hey! Merry christmas to all of you who missed my last post! I just got back from visiting my relatives, a perfect opportunity to show off my new toy. Yes! We are now a photo-independent entity. I already wasted a battery pack today, gonna post some of the

Almost there…

24.12.2004  •  Osebno0

Well my friends and enemies (although those three persons can be ommited and no harm will come to any ot them), we are almost at the end. End of this year that is, I don`t want anybody to think that I am contemplating something terminal here. This year, at least for me, was different than


23.12.2004  •  Filmi0

Serial killers and love. Beauty and the beast.

Hello hello…I`m in a place called Vertigo….ahum…erm..sorry…right…sorry for my absence yesterday, but I had a good reason. Breakfast was scarce. You know what they say, breakfast like king, lunch like a common and dinner like a beggar. While in my case, I do no breakfast at all, something for lunch and no dinner. I`m just

defaced2 Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. Here, you can see the extend of the damage. Sigh. Here you can read two of the reports from anti-virus databases… The Register and Kaspersky lab Anyway, in other news… I got three (actually four but I am saving one) gmail invites so if anybody wants it, send me

defaced Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. I really don`t get it. The defacers and stuff. First a little definitions… Definition: \De*face”\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Defaced}; p. pr. & vb.n. {Defacing}.] [OE. defacen to disfigure, efface, OF.desfacier; L. dis- + facies face. See {Face}, and cf.{Efface}.] 1. To destroy or mar the face

I went to a lecture today at the faculty of law in Ljubljana. It was interesting in many ways. The thing I could not get on the faculty is that everything is card operated. You have lockers…that open with a card. You cannot even go to the library if you don`t have a card. And

Since my jet lag is wearing off and I am perfectly aware of the fact that today is Monday, the main push in the right direction was going to work and actually do some work. We sent off the rest of the bills, I sent the package to Netherlands and a card to Austria (let`s

The wonders of sunday

19.12.2004  •  Osebno0

I keep thinking it`s saturday. Jet lagged. Still, nice day, relaxing, actually did somethings for myself instead of work/stuff for others. Think I`ll take a walk or something…I don`t know. My finger-joints ache. God knows why. Maybe I`m typing too much. Hehe. Calm, peaceful day. Sunday at it`s best.

I just came home. My head feels like a brick. My neck is stiff and my whole body is just…sigh. The workshop is finished, they basically did post-production work today, with me sitting with them through the whole thing. But in the end, we managed to get a little bit of credits for ourselves as