I am just reading an article about road maintenance guys making excuses cause they did not predict this weather and the icy roads and stuff. Ahem. Yes. A very common thing in our part of the world is that in december, a week away from new year, is that there is no cold or frost.

I just re-read my last post and noticed I had my morning rant at 2 pm. Nice. Time really is relative. Especially if you are baby-sitting on a couple of artists who did not bring their gear and they want all sorts of things from you. Things you have no idea where or how to

Hmmm…I guess the six just got even bigger. Right now, we are hosting not only our group but also another one who got kicked out of their original place…I wonder why. I`ll post some photos as soon as I download them and photoshop them but all in all…a crowd. Nothing like the “six persons” this

This post might seem funny for my slovenian (blogger) friends but Deborah has been asking me about the slovenian cuisine and I realised I know diddly squat about it. So in the nature of investigative reporting, I found some sites that are representing our cooking range. And are pretty good (under “pretty good” I mean

Sometimes things happen too fast for the mind to comprehend them in real time. You have to look at the tape at slow motion to see it. To see the crossing. I realised today that not everything is about “motivating” people. That sometimes I can be insensitive and as much as my emphaty dominates my

Catchy title, is not it? Sounds like a novel or something. Thank god, it is just my post. I made myself a cup of tea and right now my humble self is waiting for the five minutes period to pass so I can start drinking it. Burning my tongue more likely. I think of it

Nothing much to report here, workshop still in progress, there`s a meeting scheduled at four p.m. and I think they`ll be done by then. Public announcement…Since I bought ten Xmas cards and right now I only have five people on my “hit list” I am offering…the first five who posts its address (or emails it

When people say… – six, they really mean sixteen (in relation with people)– nine, they really mean ten (in relation with the time of arrival)– a couple, they mean two (surprised! in relation with additional laptops) Things to be learned from this workshop: – there will always be the most important thing that won`t work

“They`re not gonna be there by nine, stupid““That`s not candy”“You really should stop now”“Back away or you`ll get burned”“You really should use more rope”“Eating this will make you sick” –> this is what I ate (copper sulfate)“The ice is not thick enough”“Her parents are not gonna change for you”“Slow down, there`s a turn up ahead”“This

Can someone tell me what planet I am on? Cause…this is not Earth. This is not Earth, not even by a long shot. Not even if you bend your head and squint your eye…it`s still a long way from Earth. I took a walk through the city on my way home. And I just…what do