Ever get that? The complete and total absence of reason and inspiration when you are dealing with greeting cards? Especially around xmas/nye, when it seems like every greeting card you ever forgot starts stalking you and asking you to be filled out (weird sentence…bare with me…no food today yet). Anyway, what to write? It`s like

you wake up way earlier than usual and yet still fail to do the things you usually do before you leave the house? every traffic light is red and there seems to be more of them than usual? it seems like the bus is taking a whole other route than usual? there is an unusual

mailOriginally uploaded by Domen Savic. when things happen. In my dictionary THOSE days actually mean good ones since everything else is usually shit. And today was definitely not one of the usual days since good things happened. First, I was reading this post and I felt the calling.You know…thecalling? Not that boy band but this…inner

Reporter`s dilemma. Lies and fame or truth and oblivion?

Hey, hey. I`m slacking at pouncing this blog three times a day minimum. Must get better! 😉 Anyway, a fun day, saw two movies and one of them was “The Incredibles!”. Wooo-hooo. Good one. Liked it tremedously. It`s like mixing Indiana Jones and X-men together. Funny! Graphics are cool too and the dialogues are hilarious.

Sunday bloody sunday

12.12.2004  •  Osebno0

Heh, it was not bad. Not bad at all. Went to a concert…enjoyed it greatly. I guess the material was good or I felt in the “right” mood for it. Anyway, loved it, still hearing the brass in my head…a little tired, but it was a good sunday. And now…onwards! to glory! Good nite.

Marketplace at night

11.12.2004  •  Osebno0

Marketplace at night Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. So, report for today consists of me bragging about how I watched four movies and how good they were. Shiri, Angel heart, Das experiment and The fog. And how I found some batteries so that tomorrow I can record a tape. Yey. Nothing else I guess, going

High above the city Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. …how certain people stay on your mind and in your heart all the time and no matter what you do or say can change that. It`s funny how one focuses only on a certain person, how everything else becomes redundant and unnecessary. How one heart begins

Window Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. The eternal issue this time of year. Presents. I ranted about this before (in this and this post) but I think I`ll go back, one last time. With a vengeance! Ahum. Maybe this is all a covert scheme to lure out of my readers the things I want for

What do you use? Originally uploaded by Domen Savic. IE is the weapon of choice for most of my viewers. That`s sad. It sucks. You should follow the Firefox guys who came in second and dump Explorer forever. Surf like a pro! And it`s always nice to see Mozilla and Safari users which means that